Don’t Miss Out on Your Montana Property Tax Rebates in 2023 (House Bill 222)

Montana Bill 222 - Legislation Rebate

The Montana legislature has passed a couple of bills due to a financial surplus in the state budget. Montana House Bill 222 relates to a real estate property tax rebate worth up to $675 on a principal residence in Montana for the year 2022. You’ll have between August 15th, 2023 thru October 1, 2023 to submit your claim for the rebate. So be sure to set a reminder in your calendar for August 15th, 2023 to file your claim on the 2022 tax year.

More details can be found on the Montana Revenue (.gov) website linked above. However, for a brief run down of qualifications for the rebate, please see below:


Each rebate is only available to taxpayers who were billed and paid Montana property taxes on their principal residence in each year. To qualify, during each year, you must have:

  • owned a Montana residence for at least seven months,
  • lived in this Montana residence for at least seven months,
  • had property taxes, including special assessments and other fees, billed on this residence, and
  • paid those property taxes on this residence.

If you moved in either year, you may still claim a rebate if you owned and lived in a principal residence for at least seven consecutive months for the year of the rebate and were billed and paid property taxes on this residence.

For complete information on qualifications and how to claim your rebate, please visit the website at:

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